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His cock slipped out of her mouth with a loud pop and in moments she stradled him again, only this time she slides his cock into her soaking wet pussy, moaning loudly as he enters her. He grips her hips, leaning in to suck on her nipples, her pussy walls grip and relax around his shaft as she slide slowly down his shaft, her head tilted backwards and her nails digging slightly into his shoulders.

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He feels Maryse sitting down next to him and glancing over he sees that she is watching as Tammy’s pussy slowly engulfs his cock while she plays with her nipples. Reaching out with one hand he slides his hand up her inner thigh, his fingers brushing over her wet lips and flick over her hard clit, this brings a moan from her as well.

 Maryse slides close against him, leaning in to suck on Tammy’s other nipple, spreading her legs to give Joe better access to her pussy. Tammy places her hands on both their heads as they suck, nibble and lick her nipples, lowering and lifting herself on Joe’s cock, swirling her hips as she slowly ride him. 

Joe pushes Tammy firmly down with his hand on her hip as his other hand’s fingers slowly tease Maryse’s pussy, stroking her lips, twirling his fingertips just around her entrance, his thumb placing a constant pressure on her clit as he rubbed over it in circles. 

Soon Maryse grabs his hand, trying to force his teasing fingers into her, but he resist her and as she struggles to move his hand, she started to bite on Tammy’s nipple, elicting a loud moan and Joe felt Tammy’s pussy convulse around his cock, her juices forcing their way past his cock.

 Pushing both their heads against her breasts, Tammy slumped down on his cock as her orgasm washed over her, Joe suddenly pushed his middle and ring fingers into Maryse, making her gasp past Tammy’s breast.

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 Joe slipped his hand from Tammy’s hip to her ass, squeezing the firm flesh, this seemed to bring Tammy back from her blissful high as she started to rock her hips, faster this time, making Joe’s cock move into her in different directions.

 Joe slides his fingers in and out of Maryse’s soaking pussy, her juices flowing freely over his fingers as he makes sure that his fingers is sliding over her g-spot with his thumb still firmly rubbing her clit as he nibbled on Tammy’s nippls. He had to admit that this was curiously delicious, having a pussy gripping and riding his cock as he fingered another, having two woman moan and groan in pleasure.

He could feel his own orgasm starting to build up and tries to remove his head from Tammy’s breast to warn her, but she just pushes him harder against her breast as she keep on riding his cock. She must have felt that Joe’s orgasm was building up as she started to ride his cock, thrusting as fast and hard as she could with two mouths latched on her nipples. 

Joe could feel the tell-tale tightning of Maryse’s pussy as her orgasm closed on her, he groaned as his orgasm builds, he tries to hold out a bit longer, but the sensations is just too much. With a grunt he comes, his cum exploding hard into Tammy, she sinks down on his convulsing cock, her pussy gleefully accepting his cum as it pumps into her. Maryse throws back her head, leaning against Joe’s shoulder, moaning deeply as her pussy suddenly convulses, sending her juices rushing over Joe’s fingers and hands.

 Joe keeps his fingers buried deep inside of Maryse as her orgasm washes over her, he wasn’t sure he is able to do much else himself as his own orgasm is still muddling his brain. The odd one out seems to be Tammy, but she did not seem to mind as she smiles down at Maryse and Joe,

“Now that was fun.”

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