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Charlie made her way to the bedroom first; she grabbed her night clothes and a towel from her closet, and paused. She had a drawer in that closet where she kept her special toys, the ones that really made her legs shake with ecstasy. She bit her lip but the daydream kept flashing in her head, only this time- she saw the man with the rough hands who rubbed her sensitive body. Her thighs quivered slightly and she groaned to herself, she knew she had to take care of this or this weekend would end up being miserable. She grabbed a small waterproof bullet from her secret drawer and slipped down the hall into her only bathroom.

The water was warm as it cascaded down her body in rivulets. She smiled as the steam filled the room, the buzz she felt with the alcohol along with the throbbing arousal that had been building all afternoon was truly a kind of intoxication she hadn’t felt in quite a while. She shook her head, the images flashing as she leaned back against the cool wall of her shower. The hot water beat down, her brain buzzed and she felt oddly hypnotized in that moment. She knew what she was imaging was wrong; Jason running his hands across her full hips and over her naked mound, she tried to stop. The hot water continued to pound on her and she found her hand slipping down over her wet body and she couldn’t hold back any longer.

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The bullet was discreet and quiet but she was amazed at how good it felt on her clit and she found that she had to settle down in the tub in order to keep from her knees from collapsing. So she lay there, vibrating bullet pressed to her most sensitive area, her fingers prodding her nipples; she bit her lip in order to keep from moaning but she could do nothing to stop the images of her step brother ravaging her from dancing in her mind and adding to her arousal. She couldn’t stop wondering just how big he actually was… she sighed as a wave of pleasure rocked her body; she rationed that he was just her step-brother after all…

she tried to stifle a moan and her hips thrust against her hand in response. She heard it; she heard Jason get up from the couch and stumble around. It wasn’t unexpected, but it triggered more invasive thoughts; images of him stumbling into the bathroom and finding her this way, would he want her the same way? She was flustered, of course he was her step-brother but it was still wrong… she groaned, because it felt so good. She was flustered as she started thrusting against the vibrating bullet. She didn’t hear him stumbling towards the bathroom, she didn’t even hear the door knob turn and open. But she did hear her step-brother’s voice:

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“Oh fuck.” He murmured, catching a glimpse of her exposed body through the sheer shower curtain. She was too stunned to say or do anything, frozen, her pussy throbbing under her fingers. “I’m so sorry-” Jason stumbled backwards “I just had to pee.” He forced out obviously trying to avert his eyes but finding it hard to conceal the tightness in his pants, clear even to Charlie through the haze of her shock. She knew she should say something, scream, tell him to get out, cover up; but her body refused to let her. Instead, she moaned quietly and bit her lip. “Oh fuck…” he stammered, his hand finding its way to his trousers.

She was beautiful, no one could deny that anyone who had the privilege of sleeping with Charlie was lucky indeed and it hadn’t failed to cross Jason’s mind when he first saw her this evening. Maybe that’s why he didn’t even try to call his parents before calling his step-sister, but either way he ended up on her door step.

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