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A firm hand in her hair pulled her away, halfway through leaving a red hickey on the round curve of Lilian’s right breast.

“Lay down for me. I wanna taste you.” Lilian’s eyes were dark and hungry and Katie was more than happy to do as she said.

Scooting back under Lilian’s guidance, Katie lifted her butt so her pants could be dragged down and tossed away. She spread her legs wide with Lilian’s urging, lifting her hips in eager anticipation. The wet warmth of Lilian’s tongue was soft and sinful, dragging slowly through her, swiping fully over her clit. Reaching down, Katie tangled her fingers into the rich wealth of Lilian’s hair, more so she could touch Lilian than to guide her.

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Soft lips wrapped around her clit. Gentle suction and a teasing tongue quickly pulled Katie to the brink, only to back away. Katie whimpered and looked down, meeting Lilian’s eyes and pouting at the damp smirk she was given. There was a short staring contest, a silent battle for dominance.

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