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It made her grin and she said "Just so you know," she said, "I'm not some in-experienced young virgin that wants to jump into the back seat of a car or fumble around on the floor. We're going to get my bed put together, in place, made, and do it there, in my bedroom. It'll take more work, but I bet you'll be willing to do it, and I guarantee you're going to enjoy it more that way! I have to admith, John, I have thought about this more than just today."

"Well, I have to admit the same, though I’m sure you already knew that” I answered. Scooping up a box I added "I'll get the rest of these boxes out to the truck right now and we can get going."

While I was driving, Julie looked over at me, and really looked me over. She was seeing more to me than she had ever noticed before. She knew he was a good looking kid, and fit too, but for the first time, I think/hoped she was really noticing how much I had matured. The muscles were defined, he had facial hair that was more than just peach-fuzz, and I no longer acted like a kid. She slid a little closer across the bench seat of the old pickup, and drew circles on My thigh with her fingertip. "So you have thought about me like that before," she asked, "and I thought I was always just your mom's old friend.

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