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Arielle moaned. "Oh, yeah!" she panted, and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue. She slowed her strokes on my best friend's twitching dick, rubbing the head against her tongue, breathing hotly on his cock. And then made a high pitch girl-scream with his release, slapping his hands to the chair arms and arching his back.

Thick spurts of milky white cum spurted from his cock, splashing onto my step-sister's tongue. Arielle moaned as she felt and tasted it, squeezing Dude's flowing dick tightly and making his cum spill out all over her tongue and in her mouth. I was pleased, knowing I had the whole thing on film.

My step-sister kept stroking and tugging on Dude's cock, getting all of his cum to pool on her tongue. A little of the thick fluid overflowed her tongue and dripped down her chin, glistening wetly. She licked the oozing head, grinning up at my friend, obviously proud of her accomplishment. I watched the sperm on her tongue as it shimmered in the sunlight. Slowly, my step-sister tilted her head back, letting Dude get a good look as his cum slid along Arielle's tongue toward the back of her mouth.

"Oh, shit," he groaned, shuddering, watching wide-eyed.

Arielle laughed softly at his reaction. Then she slid her lips around Dude's cock head, making him tremble and gasp as she sucked on it to get every last little bit. He bucked, shaking in pleasure.

Arielle finally eased back, slipping her mouth off his spent dick, keeping her lips closed. I could tell she was rolling his sperm around in her mouth, like she was tasting fine wine. She smiled, tenderly stroking and petting Dude's wilted dick. Then she took a deep breath, looked up to my friend, and swallowed loudly. She sighed in satisfaction, licked her lips in an exaggerated way.

"Ah! All gone!" she said, and giggled again.

Dude laughed, panting. "Arielle . . . oh, shit . . . ."

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